#FOAMed Follow Up: #EMConf 11/19/15

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After a brief hiatus because of the Detroit Trauma Symposium, some oral board prep, and a Thanksgiving hibernation, FOAMed follow up is back to cover #EMConf. Here we go:

  • Dr. Kennedy ran though some of his most difficult/fascinating cases from the previous year, one of which included a PEA arrest and another included cannabinoid induced psychosis.


  • Dr. Belen covered some of worrisome, unique presentations of patients with CA.
    • Here’s a Best Case Ever that will remind you to always keep obscure presentations on your differential.
    • Pediatric EM Morsels’ Sean Fox covers Typhilitis. Not every kid with n/v/d has gastro, be sure to have this seeded deep in your mind.
    • EMCrit has two notable podcasts on palliative care–one that Weingart did by himself, and another by Ashley Shreves of SmartEM who is palliative care fellowship trained.



  • Dr. Cortis’ pediatric jeopardy reminded us all that kids are adorable until they are terrifying.


  • Dr. Wollman ran through everything that is terrifyingly exciting in thoracic trauma. #FOAM is full of this and this will be nowhere near an exhaustive list, but here are a few links to get you started:
    • Andrew Sloas of PEM ED Podcast  guest stars on Emergency Medicine Cases and chats about one of his emergent pericardiocentesis. There’s a helpful US guided pericardiocentesis instructional video that follows.
    • Is there a reason to perform compressions in blunt traumatic arrest? Scott Weingart and Rob Orman go through their approaches and philosophies on Orman’s ERCast.
    • One of Weingart’s EMCrit podcast from a few years back covers aortic dissection. Always remember to treat the patient’s pain here. Ripping one’s aorta doesn’t seem to be too comfortable. Here are some examples of catching dissection on ultrasound from Ultrasoundcases.
    • Unsurprisingly, Life in the Fast Lane has a quality write-up on sternoclavicular joint dislocations.

Until next time.